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Topcon HiPer V UHF Dual Base and Rover complete kit FC-2600



Topcon Hiper V Uhf Dual Base And Rover Complete Kit Glonass L1/L2 Rtk Gps, Gsm, Uhf Radio - Fc-2600

Topcon Extends The Reach Of The New Technology Of The Chip Vanguard, The New Line Of Gps Systems Hiper V. With A 300% Increase In The Availability Of Satellites And Topcon Exclusive Tracking Technology, The Hyper V Laproductividad Is Ready To Increase Its Customers. Also Included In The New Hyper V Is Its Antenna Mesh Upper Element Provides A Tracking Signal.

- 226 Channels Of Its New Vanguard Chip
- New Design Of The Mesh Antenna For Superior Signal Tracking
- New Internal Bluetooth Technology For Cable-Free Operation
- New Internal Radio Modem Faster
- Integrated Receiver Gps L1/L2, Glonass Rtk And Post Processing
- Rugged And Lightweight For Its Magnesium Alloy Construction
- Gsm Cellular Modem Built For Rtk Operation Via Cell
- New Led Panel With Bright And Easy To Read.
- With Voice Messages That Report The Status Of The Receiver
- Memory Slots For Sd / Sdhc
- Interchangeable Li-Ion Batteries

Hiper V Base Rover Complete Includes:
- 2x Hyper V Receivers With Options L1/L2 Gps + Glonass With Radio Uhf 440 -
470mhz Gsm Cell And Internal Modem, Rtk 10hz, With 2gb Memory
Internal Transport In Case With Accessories Miscellaneous As,
Battery Charger (2) Batteries Li-Ion Rechargeable (4) Antennas
Uhf 450-470 Mhz Radio (2) Data Download Cable Db9 (2) Third And
Four Port Serial Activated, Operating Manual.
- 1x Software Postprocessing
- 1x Base Topcon Optical Plummet
- 1x Base Adapter Topcon Mod. S2
- 1x Gps Adapter For Easy Installation In The Base
- 1x Extension To Adjust Height 100mm
- 1x 3 Meter Flexometro Of Hook For Measuring Height Gps Receiver
- 1x Tripod Brand Heavy Duty Wood Topcon Mod. Tp-10
- 1x Sticks Mca. Topcon Gps For Rover Of Fixed Height 2 Meters