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Topcon GR-5 UHF Dual Base and Rover complete kit TESLA GEO



New Topcon GR-5 UHF Dual Base and Rover complete kit TESLA GEO 3G
GLONASS L1/L2, GSM, RTK and post-processing - TESLA GEO 3G

Topcon is proud to be the world leader in advanced satellite positioning technology. As a pioneer in developing and integrating dual constellation constellation triple G3, Topcon continues to lead the GPS market with the most advanced receiver both technology and design. Topcon continues its commitment to the development of technologies that use all signals from all available satellites. Not only has the compromise Topcon satellites using GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, but also all precision signals that the Chinese government is developing "COMPASS", the Japanese satellite system "Quasi-Zenith" (QZSS ), and the system of India, IRNSS. If there is any operational advantage to the combination of all these systems, you can count that Topcon will continue its development to lead the industry.

The GR-5 provides, the latest technological advances with the same quality and performance they are accustomed Topcon demanding customers. A glance at the new GR-5 to realize the advanced design of its antenna, which provides an extraordinary performance debugging satellite tracking signal multipath. By combining this antenna with new algorithms in satellite tracking, the GR-5 is the most advanced receiver ever produced by TOPCON.
The GR-5 not only provides advanced satellite tracking, it allows unparalleled levels of accuracy in really tough environments, and other multiple advances such as: increase in the number of satellites, extending the battery life,
Internal memory expansion with multiple options, new design of its internal modem, internet-compatible firmware and much, much more.

Features GR-5:
216 Universal Channels
G3 raster Technology (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO)
New antenna design with its technology "Fence Antenna TM technology" for high performance.
Sophisticated high-technology RTK positioning accuracy up to 100hz
Dual integrated communication system with multiple radio or cell combinations.
Supports SDHC 32GB storage
With two compartments for simultaneous use of batteries that can be hot-swapped.

GR5 base rover complete Includes:
- 2X Topcon GR-5 base and rover activated: GPS GPS L1/L2, L2C, L5, GLONASS L1, L2 & L5 CARRIER, GALILEO
- RTK speed 10Hz update, advanced multipath reduction
- coop tracking, all communication ports activate
- internal radio 450-470Mhz base and rover UHF
- internal GSM modem cellular
- GR-5 base kit including: chargers, batteries, cables, plus 2 Meter Fixed Height Tripod.
- GR-5 rover kit including: chargers, batteries, cables and 2 meter Carbon Fiber Rover Rod
- Tesla Geo 3 Data controller Bracket and stick
- Topcon postprocessing software tools with USB key physical