FARO Cobalt 3D Imager


FARO Cobalt 3D Imager

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FARO Cobalt 3D Imager
3D scanner,compact, for coordinate measuring machines

The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is a metrology-grade, non-contact scanner which utilizes blue light technology to capture millions of high resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds. Easily deployed in manual or fully-automated workflows, Cobalt delivers fast and consistent measurements for dimensional inspection and reverse engineering applications on parts, assemblies, and tools. Cobalt’s versatility supports a variety of deployment options including rotary table, robot, industrial inspection cells and multiple imager arrays. Compact and lightweight, Cobalt is easy to use across multiple applications. The combination of flexibility, portability, speed and accuracy makes Cobalt an ideal solution for your demanding metrology needs.

The new FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors – an industry first. The smart sensor allows unique multi-imager array configurations enabling industrial manufacturers to significantly improve productivity and operations in a way never before possible. An unlimited number of 3D imagers can be placed in array configurations virtually anywhere in a manufacturing process – all scanning simultaneously and controlled by a single computer.


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