FARO Focus CORE 70M Scanner


For Sale FARO Focus CORE Scanner

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For sale the new FARO Focus CORE 70M Laser Scanner

Strikes the balance between scanning accuracy and speed, reducing time spent on site or on scene and producing quality scan data.

Product Includes:
    FARO Focus CORE 70 Scanner
    Status Indicator
    Quick Release
    Power Block Battery
    Battery Power Dock
    Power Supply
    64GB High-Speed SSD data storage
    Rugged transport case
    Calibration certificate
    Quick-start Guide
    FARO Manufacturer Warranty

The new FARO Focus Core Laser Scanner complements the company’s reality-capture device portfolio. Focus Core enables fast colorized 3D scans and delivers a cost competitive solution for construction, operations and public safety professionals eager to strike the optimal balance between scanning accuracy and speed, reducing time spent on site or on scene, while eliminating materials waste and personnel bottlenecks.

Through an optional subscription to the FARO Stream mobile app for smart devices, Core users will benefit from real-time on-site pre-registration, which will allow faster project completion and a reduced need to return to a jobsite multiple times to capture additional scans.

Focus Core is also compatible with Sphere, the company’s cloud-based SaaS platform, which will enable enhanced collaboration of global teams, fast delivery of as-built data, and the ability to make better informed decisions in less time.

Product features:
        Optimized scanning range
        70-meter range with a distance accuracy of 2mm
    Fast color capture
        1-minute internal SDR per scan, or
        5 min internal HDR per scan
        Even faster color capture with the optional panoramic camera add-on
    Color resolution ideal for fast on-scene reality capture
        65 megapixels
    Pre-registration with Stream (optional)
        Upload on-site pre-registered scan data via the Stream Mobile App
        Share information with project stakeholders anywhere in the world via FARO Sphere
    Faster loading and system response
        Greater data management efficiency
        New high performance electronics provide a smooth user experience and fluent on-site operation
        Remote control capabilities with the optional Stream support
        Fast Wi-Fi operation
    Multiple application use
        Construction, Public Safety and Operations offering data quality at faster scan speeds
        Ideal for public safety agencies looking to improve on[1]scene evidence capture quality and efficiency
    Reduce Rework and Material Waste
        Know the as-built condition of your project and ensure your designs fit the first time
        Monitor construction progress regularly and frequently in 3D helps you identify issues before they become costly and delay your schedule
    Eliminate error-prone traditional measurement methods
        The Focus Core allows the ability to complete on-scene (forensic investigation tasks) and on-site (jobsite) data collection, faster, and to do so with greater accuracy, confident that the data is captured correctly, and not requiring multiple site/scene visits
    Confidence to leave the site with complete and useful data
        Make data accessible to project stakeholders early on with Stream option and the FARO Sphere cloud platform
        Two-year manufacturer warranty means maximizing the life of this product with servicing while reducing the total cost of ownership throughout the device’s lifespan


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