FARO Focus Premium 150M Scanner


For Sale FARO Focus Premium Scanner

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For sale the new FARO Focus Premium 150M Laser Scanner

Next-generation reality capture device that delivers faster scans and better results – up to 50% faster than the FARO Focus.

Capture With Confidence and Connect Your World Faster | New Hybrid Reality Capture powered by Flash Technology

  • Product Includes:
  •     FARO Focus Premium 150 Scanner
  •     Status Indicator
  •     Quick Release
  •     Power Block Battery
  •     Battery Power Dock
  •     Power Supply
  •     64GB High-Speed SSD data storage
  •     Rugged transport case
  •     Calibration certificate
  •     Quick-start Guide
  •     FARO Manufacturer Warranty

The new FARO Focus Premium provides exceptional capturing efficiency, data quality and accuracy for professional applications across the construction, public safety, operations & maintenance and manufacturing markets, while offering data quality at faster scan speeds (up to 1 minute per scan) reducing onsite scanning time by up to 50%. Meanwhile, faster loading and system response yields greater data management efficiency when paired with the new FARO Stream mobile app and uploaded to the new FARO Sphere cloud-based collaboration platform.

Premium Preview: The Ultimate in 3D Data Capture
Building on our history of accuracy and reliability, the new FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner is the fastest, most accurate and most data-sharing-enabled scanner on the market to date, featuring entirely new components with a proven design.

Up to 50% Faster Scan Times
About 1 minute to complete a typical scan, in combination with the optional FARO PanoCam upgrade, even in color

Super-High Color Resolution
The latest color camera technology enables the Focus Premium to capture scans with up to 266 megapixel color information

Hybrid Reality Capture, powered by Flash Technology
The optional Flash extension provides you with fully colorized scan data in less than 30 seconds per station whenever an extra boost of productivity is needed. This patent pending technology will save you up to an additional 50% of on-site time without compromising data quality and accuracy

Product features:
    Up to 350m scanning range, leading to superior area coverage per scan position
    Smartphone-enabled remote control capabilities, limited only by the range of a Wi-Fi network
    Improved wireless workflow with more stable and faster Wi-Fi operation
    On-site registration, the process of combining multiple scans using common overlap, means faster project completion and real-time awareness of scan errors or missing data
    Seamless connectivity with Stream and Sphere
    Scanner control can be executed on either the app or on the actual Focus
    Users have easy access to create projects, change scanner settings, manage image resolution, opt for color or black and white scans, group scans through clustering, and add annotations
    Rugged construction and housing can withstand the tough day-to-day work
    integrated high-speed SSD data storage for maximum scan capacity and lighting fast scan processing
    Flash Technology enabled (for Focus Premium) for fastest scans with greatest accuracy featuring colorized clarity at an affordable price.
    Hybrid Reality Capture scan mode a subscription option through the FARO Stream App, accessible through Sphere.
    Proprietary smart upscaling algorithms (for Flash Technology) ideal for large-volume scans.


  • FARO Focus Premium 70M Laser Scanner ($25,750)
  • FARO Focus Premium 150M Laser Scanner ($31,950)
  • FARO Focus Premium 350M Laser Scanner ($39,300)



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