FARO Orbis Hybrid Laser Scanner


For sale FARO Orbis Hybrid Laser Scanner

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For sale the new FARO Orbis Hybrid Laser Scanner

SLAM Capture Mode: 5mm Accuracy, 120m Range
Flash TLS Capture Mode: 2mm Accuracy, 80m Range

The new FARO Orbis is the first hybrid 3D scanner on the market and combines terrestrial and mobile laser scanning. Thanks to the flash function from FARO Technologies, the FARO Orbis allows you to benefit from both the speed of SLAM technology and the accuracy of terrestrial scans thanks to the combination with FARO Flash technology. The combination of terrestrial laser scanning and mobile SLAM is approximately 10 times faster than conventional recording methods and is therefore a game changer for your scanning projects.

With the Stream app you can view the scan data in real time. There are then two processing options: offline and online processing. You can find out more about processing here.

Product features:
    Range up to 120 m
    640,000 points/s
    Powerful LiDAR sensor
    Fast, robust SLAM with GeoSLAM technology
    high quality flash function
    Duration for flash scan: 15 s including color
    360° camera
    Camera: Full 360° image with 8 million pixels, one image is created every second
    Accuracy: 5mm (mobile scanning) | 2 mm (terrestrial flash scanning)
    Laser class 1
    Protection class: IP 54
    Operating temperature range: 0° to +40°C
    Weight: Scanner: 2.10 kg | Data logger: 0.95 kg | Battery: 0.55kg
    M8 adapter for accessories
    Compatible with ZEB Horizon accessories
    FARO Orbis data sheet

Areas of application:
    Construction, building documentation, planning of construction projects
    Building Information Modeling
    Creation of digital twins
    Asset management
    Volume analysis
    Terrain mapping
    Emergency planning


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