GeoSLAM ZEB Vision RT Kit 3D mobile mapping


For sale GeoSLAM ZEB Vision RT Kit 3D mobile mapping Scanner

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For sale the new GeoSLAM ZEB Vision RT Kit 3D mobile mapping Scanner

The new GGeoSLAM ZEB Vision RT Kit 3D mobile mapping Scanner, Easily capture colourised data
ZEB Vision is the perfect addition to the ZEB Horizon RT.
Better than ever colourisation and immersive point cloud walk-throughs.


  • Automatic data processing.
  • Single-operation automated workflows including scan alignment and georeferencing.
  • Organise point clouds into projects for simplified data management.
  • Add on Draw software for taking measurements from your data

Camera specification:
Resolution 4K Panoramic
Capture rate 2 FPS
Colour RGB

Product Includes:
    ZEB Horizon RT Scanner
    ZEB Vision 4K Panoramic Camera
    ZEB Horizon data logger with shoulder strap (incl. 14.8V battery)
    14.8V Battery Charger
    ZEB Horizon main cable (1.5m length)
    USB memory stick
    Reference base
    Shipped in a soft carry case
    GeoSLAM Connect software (Not Included with Open Box Products)
    36-month hardware warranty when a valid GeoSLAM Care package is in place

Better than ever colourisation to contextualise your point cloud

With simple and easy deployment, the ZEB Vision attaches quickly to the ZEB Horizon to capture colourised data and 360° panoramic images in minutes.

The 4K resolution increases feature definition of objects within the point cloud, allowing for a new perspective on data by navigating within a virtual representation of an environment.

All the photos and data you capture are all owned and managed by you, keeping it safe, simple and secure.

Software functionality:
Walk-through bubble view
Point cloud visualisation
3D measurements on imagery
Integration with Draw 4.0
Export all data to third party software e.g: TerraSolid, Orbit

Hardware functionality:
Retrofit to ZEB Horizon RT
Screw on mounting plate


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