RESEPI Livox Avia Single Antenna Receiver Lidar


for sale RESEPI Livox Avia Single Antenna Receiver Lidar with camera

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For sale the new RESEPI Livox Avia Single Antenna Receiver Lidar

The new Livox Avia Single Antenna Receiver Lidar Unit comes Full Kit with Camera

Product Includes:

  • Livox Avia Lidar unit
  • Inertial Labs INS-B-OEM with Ublox Single-GNSS-Antenna Receiver
  • Camera, lens, USB hub, wall plug and barrel adapter
  • RESEPI Lidar PC Master Pro Data Processing Software Annual
  • RESEPI Lidar Hard Case

Product Details:
RESEPI™ AVIA RESEPI™ (Remote Sensing Payload Instrument) is a sensor-fusion platform designed for accuracy-focused remote sensing applications. RESEPI utilizes a high-performance Inertial Labs INS (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System) with a tactical-grade IMU and a high-accuracy dual-antenna GNSS receiver, integrated with a Linux-based processing core and datalogging software. The platform also provides a WiFi interface, optional imaging module and external cellular modem for RTCM corrections. RESEPI can be operated by a single hardware button or from a wirelessly connected device via a simple web interface.

RESEPI Overview

LiDAR Scanning & Mapping Solution RESEPI equipped with AVIA LiDAR is the lightest configuration, coming in at below 1kg. This enables longer flight times and increases the selection of drone platforms ton include those with lower payload capacity. The narrow scan field of view concentrates laser measurements resulting in a higher ground point density. RESEPI AVIA is a compact, lightweight, and competitively priced scanning and mapping solution.

RESEPI AVIA RESEPI AVIA excels at surveying thin objects such as powerlines. Utility lines are long with a small diameter and can be hard for some lasers to track. AVIA’s high point density causes the lines to stand out and appear more clearly in point cloud data. Another great application is surveying long distances over large tracts of land such as airport runways or racetracks.

RESEPI AVIA can be flown at higher speeds and the narrow Field of View allows for preservation of point cloud density. Coupled with the lighter weight of the payload, available flight time is improved.

System Vertical Accuracy (5m/s @ 50m) +- 5cm

Recommended AGL 50-100m

Weight 1.24kg (with camera) .92kg (without camera)

Dimensions 20x 13 x 9.2cm

Max Flight Time (DJI M300) 35 minutes

External Storage 256GB USB Included


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