Satlab Cygnus Slam Scanner


Satlab Cygnus Slam Scanner, latest SLAM technology with the most efficient and revolutionary algorithms in improving 3D point cloud data acquisition

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For sale the new Satlab Cygnus Slam Scanner

The new Satlab Cygnus Slam Scanner, A new mobile 3D scanner for your efficiency
By combining the latest SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology with the most efficient and revolutionary algorithms, the Cygnus Handheld LiDAR Scanner supports and assists you in improving 3D point cloud data acquisition efficiency to the fullest.


  •     Mining
  •     Electricity
  •     Utilities

Product Includes:
Satlab Cygnus Handheld SLAM Scanner
Cygnus Data Logger
Shoulder strap 80-140cm
Main cable 111cm
Memory card 128GB
2X Battery 14.4V 6.86Ah
Battery charger Output:14-16.8V
Host machine charger Output: 19V
Memory card storage box
USB flash disk 64GB
Cellphone support 9.3CM
LED Flashlight 800lm
Charge cable for Led Flashlight 30.5cm
SLAM Manager APP
SLAM Studio post-processing software
Carrying case 420mm*373mm*237mm
12-month hardware warranty

Obtaining data in any outdoor, indoor, underground or another heavily obscured area without GNSS signal.

Processing real-time data quickly and enables data preview.

Supporting multiple data post-processing functions.

Using for mining, forestry, underground digitisation, construction and other scenarios or work environments that require 3D modelling.

Mounting to drones, vehicles, or backpacks.



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