Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver Kit


For sale Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver Kit

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For sale Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver Kit


- 2x Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver Base Rover
- Dual Frequency Tracking
- Triple Frequency Tracking
- Beidou
- Galileo
- Precision level max/max
- Trimble Data Collector support
- 20 Hz
- Cellular modem activatio
- Inertial Navigatio
- xFill Activation
- Memory extension to 6GB
- Trimble Dual Battery Charger
- (x2) R12i Rechargeable Batteries
- R12i Quick Release
- R12i UHF Radio Antenna
- R12i Rugged Transport Case

Designed to help surveying professionals work more effectively, the Trimble® R12i receiver represents the next generation of GNSS surveying. With powerful technologies that go beyond comprehensive GNSS support, including the industry-leading Trimble ProPoint™ RTK engine and Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation, the R12i delivers unmatched GNSS performance, speed and accuracy to boost productivity for land surveyors.

Trimble R12i — a new angle of productivity.

- Industry-leading Trimble® ProPoint™️ positioning engine for unmatched performance and flexibility.
- Use any and all available GNSS constellations & signals
- Increased accuracy, reliability, and productivity in challenging environments
- All-new Trimble TIP™️ IMU-based tilt compensation technology
- Field-proven, ergonomic design housing the latest Trimble GNSS hardware

With Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS technology and new Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation, the R12i delivers unmatched GNSS performance, speed and accuracy to boost your productivity like never before. With improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions and robust IMU-based tilt compensation that lets you forget about leveling the pole, you'll get more done faster than you thought possible

- Trimble® Inertial PlatformTM (TIP) technology. Calibration-free and magnetically immune IMU-based tilt compensation for topo measurements and stakeout.
- Trimble ProPointTM GNSS positioning engine. Engineered for improved accuracy and productivity in challenging GNSS conditions.
- 672-channel solution with Trimble 360 satellite tracking technology
- CenterPoint® RTX correction service delivers fast, RTK level accuracy worldwide via satellite/IP
- Trimble xFill® correction outage technology
- Optimized for Trimble AccessTM field software
- AndroidTM and iOS platform support
- Cellular, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi data connectivity
- Military-spec rugged design and IP-67 rating
- Ergonomic form factor
- All day battery with built-in status indicator
- 6 GB internal memory
- Supports augmented reality capabilities through Trimble SiteVisionTM



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