Used GSSI Utility Scan Ground Penetrating Radar


Used GSSI Utility Scan 50350US Ground Penetrating Radar GPR for sale, Panasonic Toughbook bundle with 350MHz Antenna, fully serviced and calibrated by GSSI, everything is in excellent perfect condition

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Used GSSI Utility Scan 50350US Ground Penetrating Radar GPR for sale, Panasonic Toughbook bundle with 350MHz Antenna. Still like new, fully inspected, serviced and calibrated by GSSI authorized, everything is in excellent perfect condition.

GPR System Optimized for Utility Locating

Locating and marking underground utilities in real-time in the field has been a powerful application of ground penetrating radar (GPR) for many years. A knowledgeable utility locator with a GPR system as part of their toolbox is able to accurately identify buried utilities. UtilityScan is built for the utility locating professional to accelerate workflow from target detection to reporting.

Typically used to:
    Scan utilities – metallic and non-metallic
    Locate water lines
    Detect voids and underground storage tanks (USTs)
    Identify soil and foundation characteristics
    Locate shallow objects for archaeology

    350 MHz antenna (50350US) with cart
    Panasonic G2 Toughbook
    Lithium-ion battery (2)
    Dual-bay battery charger
    Rugged 2 m ethernet cable
    LineTrac, optional
    Sunshade for G2 Toughbook
    Quick Start Guide
    1-year warranty

Explore the hidden depths of the ground with this high-tech device from the trusted brand Gssi. This cutting-edge ground penetrating radar is perfect for those in the business and industrial field, especially for those involved in surveying and inspection. With its advanced features and capabilities, you'll be able to detect sub-surface objects and irregularities with ease. Whether you're looking for buried pipes, cables, or archaeological artifacts, this equipment will enable you to quickly and accurately scan the area. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your work and get the results you need.

GSSI Utility Scan 50350US 350Mhz Ground Penetrating Radar brochure


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