Used IDS GeoRadar Opera Duo GPR


Used IDS GeoRadar Opera Duo Four-wheels Ground Penetrating Radar for sale, bundle with Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook loaded latest UNEXT ADVANCED software, fully serviced and calibrated by IDSGeoRadar, everything is in excellent perfect condition

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Used IDS GeoRadar Opera Duo Four-wheels Ground Penetrating Radar for sale, bundle with Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook loaded latest UNEXT ADVANCED software. Still like new, fully inspected, serviced and calibrated by IDSGeoRadar authorized, everything is in excellent perfect condition.

Opera Duo
Robustness Meets Data Quality in the Most Intuitive Ground Penetrating Radar for Utility Location and Mapping
Four-wheels: an adaptable solution for use on rough terrain.

-IDS Opera Duo 4 Route Unit
-12V Battery for Duo Unit
-Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook loaded with latest UNEXT ADVANCED software
-Charger for Duo Battery
-Charger for Laptop
-Ethernet Cable

Opera Duo Brochure
Opera Duo Datasheet
uNext brochure

The complexity of underground utility network is continually increasing. Obtaining precise informations of subsoil conditions is more and more crucial to increase safety by lowering the risk of accidents caused by utilities rupturing during excavation, pipe deterioration and geologic risks.
Opera Duo is the First-Class Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) for locating underground pipes and cables of any material including non-conductive pipes and fiber optics. Just few clicks to understand soil conditions and no calibration, adjust or manual settings to do.


  • Superior Maneuverability A large, comfortable handle to make pushing and pulling easier, large wheels for better control and a balanced weight distribution to offer minimum resistance.
  • Robustness – Engineered and built to withstand the harshest field conditions, the Opera Duo is suitable for heavy use in every type of terrain.
  • Data Quality – Large bandwidth offering the highest resolution; the largest dynamic range for the best penetration depth; and dual-head sensor integrating ultra-wide band antennas (250MHz and 700MHz).
  • Intuitiveness – Just click the start button to receive the best performance in every soil condition. No need to perform calibration or adjust any other manual settings.
  • Results Delivered On Site – The system tracks the position of the radar and marks targets automatically. All of the acquired data can be exported to CAD and GIS, and reports can be produced directly on site.
  • Innovative in data processing – Opera Duo leverages IQMaps, the post-processing software for faster and smarter GPR data analysis. 
  • Remote Diagnostics Functionality – Maximize troubleshooting efficiency by transparently sharing diagnostics data via Cloud: from the on-field device to the Customer Support’s desktop.   

uNext Advanced Software Platform
The uNext Advanced platform leverages all the functionality comprised in the uNext Basic software. Moreover, it offers:

    Tomography – to create an even more accurate, faster 3D reconstruction of the underground utility network and merge this information with any existing cartographies. On site processing of radar tomographies to ease theinterpretation of results.
    Assisted Pipe Tracker – to detect a pipe or cable once and automatically have the software map the exact position of the utility over the surveyed area. Users can benefit from more accurate, reliable data and perform data acquisitions more productively, and in a shorter amount of time.
    Data re-processing – In addition to on-site data acquisition and processing features, users can re-process roughradar data to ultimately optimise data processing as well as customise data visualisation with filtering capabilities.
    Cloud Software Integration - Export, store, share and access data on major Cloud services providers for a streamlined workflow in utility detection.

The uNext platform is continually developed by IDSGeoRadar R&D department. More features will be avaliable to everyone as part of new software releases.



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