Used Radiodetection RD1100 250Mhz GPR


Used Radiodetection RD1100 Ground Penetrating Radar for sale, with 250Mhz Antenna system, fully serviced and calibrated by Radiodetection, everything is in excellent perfect condition

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Used Radiodetection RD1100 Ground Penetrating Radar for sale, with 250Mhz Antenna system. Still like new, fully inspected, serviced and calibrated by Radiodetection authorized, everything is in excellent perfect condition.

The Radiodetection RD1100 Ground Penetrating Radar detects both conductive and non-conductive underground utilities using wide-band radar technology and features internal GPS, on-board Wi-Fi and a high resolution touch screen.

Typically used to:
    Metallic and non-metallic utilities.
    Utilities and broken tracer wires.
    Undocumented utilities.
    Trenches and disturbed soil often associated with utility burial.
    Unexpected obstacles or buried structures such as old foundations that can cause problems for excavations or construction

Radiodetection’s RD1100 provides high-performance subsurface imaging for buried utilities in a rugged and competitively priced GPR system.  Designed for the utility industry, the RD1100 features a wide-band sensor capable of detecting plastic and ceramic utilities at depths of up to 8m / 27’ deep.

Its high resolution touch screen display adds to its ease of use, including the ability to draw arrows directly on the screen to highlight subsurface features of interest.

Screenshots are taken with a single button press and saved to internal memory as JPGs. These can be exported later to a USB memory stick or emailed by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or by using a cell phone as a hotspot. Instant information, higher productivity!

GPS positioning is captured alongside the Line View data for integrating into geo-referencing packages.

Radiodetection RD1100 Features

  •     The high visibility touch-screen display works with gloves on
  •     US standard and metric options.
  •     Up to 27' depth range depending on ground conditions.
  •     Built-in Wi-Fi for direct share of display.
  •     USB port allows easy data transfer.
  •     Patented ultra-wideband 250 MHz GPR antenna and DynaT for dynamic target enhancement.
  •     Long-lasting lead acid gel battery.
  •     Collapsible, lightweight fiberglass cart frame for easy transport.

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