Used Radiodetection RD1500 Enhanced


Used Radiodetection RD1500 Enhanced Ground Penetrating Radar for sale, GPS bundle with 250Mhz Antenna system, fully serviced and calibrated by Radiodetection, everything is in excellent perfect condition

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Used Radiodetection RD1500 Enhanced Ground Penetrating Radar for sale, GPS bundle with 250Mhz Antenna system. Still like new, fully inspected, serviced and calibrated by Radiodetection authorized, everything is in excellent perfect condition.

The Radiodetection RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar provides all the great features of the RD1100 and also offers Depth Slices as well as Line Views.  These allow the user to review slices of the subsurface at different depths, displaying cables, pipes and other utilities in unprecedented clarity.

Typically used to:
Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos cement
Underground electrical cable.
Concrete storm and sewer systems.
Metallic and non-metallic utilities.
Utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed.
Underground storage tanks and drainage tiles.
Septic system components.
Non-utility system structures such as vaults, foundation walls, and concrete pads

Radiodetection RD1500 Enhanced include:

  •    An external GPS, for higher positional accuracy
  •    The Enhancement package (EKKO_Project PC software solution), which enables the user to slice through the exported depth data, export data to other formats and more
  •    The Utility Suite software option offers features such as processing and displaying grid data in alternative ways, and the ability to output data to 3D visualization software such as Voxler

RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar is Radiodetection's flagship GPR for utility locating.
The RD1500 is designed to find buried pipes and cables.  Features include internal GPS, on-board Wi-Fi, a high resolution touch screen as well as the proprietary FrequenSee™ technology which selectively enhances small/shallow, medium size/depth, or large/deep targets, or even all at once, for easier viewing and detection.

Mini reports can be generated and delivered directly from the survey site by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or by using a cell phone as a hotspot. Data can also be exported to a USB memory stick.

Radiodetection RD1500 Specifications & Features

  • Radiodetection RD1500 Enhanced Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Manufacturer: RADIODETECTION
  • Model No.: RD1500
  • GPS and Charger
  • Grid Scan for Slice view like 3D
  • Sensor Frequency: 250MHz Ultra Wide Band
  • Signal Enhancement: DynaQ
  • Touch Screen Display Size: 21 cm (8”) diagonal
  • Battery: 12V 9Ah Lead Acid and Charger
  • Spatial Interval: 5 cm (2”)
  • Data Analysis: In field analysis
  • Depth Range: Up to 8m (27') maximum
  • Display Depth Scale: 1m - 8m (3' - 30')
  • Temperature Display Range: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
  • Temperature Sensor Range: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F
  • Dimensions Exterior (H x W x D): 100 x 70 x 115cm (39.4 x 27.6 x 45.3”)
  • And Charger

Radiodetection RD1100 & RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar brochure
Radiodetection GPR Family brochure


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