GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT 3D mobile mapping


Buy Used GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT 3D mobile mapping Scanner, Real-time datalogger, w/ HUB and DRAW starter software License, has been carefully inspected and is in very good condition.

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Used GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT for sale with HUB and DRAW starter software License, fully upgrade and calibrated by Geoslam authorized, 1 year Geoslam extension warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

This GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT Used for normal job, has been carefully inspected and is in very good condition., this mobile mapping scanner regularly fully upgrade and calibrated by GEOSLAM authorized to be ready to working and works flawlessly with GEOSLAM working standards.

This GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT sale covering with 1 year GEOSLAM extension warranty for both parts and labour and 30-day money back guarantee.

The GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT 3D mobile mapping Scanner, Handheld, lightweight and easy to use, allows you to rapidly build highly accurate 3D models within minutes, while on the move.
The complete solution that allows you to start mapping the world around you today with any WiFi enabled device. Scan, visualize and process simultaneously, as you walk.

  •     100m Range View data in real time          
  •     Indoors and Outdoors Mounting options
  •     Go anywhereGo anywhere

Product Includes:
    1x GeoSLAM ZEB REVO 3D Laser Scanner
    1x ZEB CAM camera
    1x GeoSLAM ZEB REVO RT datalogger
    2x Rechargeable batteries
    Interface cables
    Hard case for transport
    1x GeoSLAM HUB license
    1x GeoSLAM DRAW starter license
    12-month hardware warranty

Accessories Includes:
    Spare 14.8V battery, 14.8V battery charger
    Extendable Pole, Reference Plate
    Spherical Targets
    3 and 5 meter cables
    REVO Cradle

The brand new new GEOSLAM Zeb Revo RT also available for sale at our shop

Powered by the smartest SLAM
    With one button operation, you’ll be up and running fast – capturing survey grade data in minutes.
    Process a pointcloud quickly using our intelligent point cloud processing platform GeoSLAM Connect.
    GeoSLAM data is compatible with software that works for you with universal file formats (LAZ/LAS/PLY/TXT/e57).

GEOSLAM ZEB Revo RT – One tool. So many ways to use it.
Cradle AccessoriesZEB Pano – Use the ZEB Pano for adding 360° imagery for indoor property surveys and real estate applications.
Pole AccessoriesZEB Cam –  For colorized point cloud and referenced photos.
Drone AccessoriesCradle & Pole – Elevate or lower your ZEB Revo RT into difficult spaces like ceiling voids and manholes.
Remote AccessRemote Access – Real time remote data capture for robotic navigation via an API control.

Software that works for you.
    Data from the ZEB Revo RT can be exported from GeoSLAM Hub in all industry standard file formats.
    Import into your preferred CAD program or mine planning software, the ZEB Revo RT is as flexible as you are.
    Why not try GeoSLAM Connect, plus Draw which allows users to quickly extract floorplans and sections from point cloud data.

Real-time processing which means you can visualize the scan as you move. Has a range of 30m and IP51 rating. Used mostly for scanning indoors and utilized for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans.

    scans & processes simultaneously, as you walk
    easy to use
    no need for GNSS
    1-3 cm accuracy
    industry-standard file formats

Data capture is as simple as “walk and scan.” Map a 3-story building in just 30 minutes to an accuracy level of 15mm or scan, view and export up to 10,000 m2 (105,000 sq. ft.) in under 1 hour.

Join our customers as they measure building plans 10 times faster than traditional tools, deliver BIM models earlier than expected and experience project cost savings of up to two thirds.

This solution allows customers to expand their range and scope of services by taking on projects that would otherwise have proved too difficult or time-consuming using traditional techniques.

  •     Captures data up to 8X faster than with terrestrial scanners
  •     Saves time due to a fully automatic registration process
  •     Simple and efficient 2D plan generation
  •     No point cloud conversion for CAD required


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