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Crain Tri-Max Tripod Fiberglass Elevator

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Heavy duty fiberglass
59 to 138.5 inch height
Dual locks - lever and twist
Pointed metal feet
Flat round head
Head is removable and adjustable
Yellow with black hardware
5/8 X 11 thread
Aluminum center column
Extension fiberglass legs
Built-in stabilizer struts
Stout gear box to control column movement
Center column graduates in millimeter and lifts 1.12 meters
29 pounds
Plumb bob hook
Leg hand strap
Shoulder strap
5 year limited warranty

The Crain Tri-max Fiberglass Elevator Tripod is an excellent foundation for a variety of instruments.  The extension legs and center column allow you to adjust this device from 59 to 138.5 inches tall.  A gear box controls the lift and descent of the center column, ensuring that it never moves erratically. The aluminum center column lifts to 44 inches.

Each leg has dual locks – a lever lock at the top and a twist lock at the bottom.  Once they are set, its pointed metal feet remain implanted in the ground.  There are also built-in stabilizer struts connected to the legs to ensure steadiness.  This device has 5/8 X 11 thread, allowing attachment of most standard tools.  The removable flat head can be adjusted when moved in a clockwise direction.

The Crain Tri-max Fiberglass Elevator Tripod weighs 29 pounds and is yellow with black hardware.  It comes complete with a hand strap for short distance carrying, a shoulder strap for longer distances, and a 5 year limited warranty.