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Leica DNA03 0.3mm Precision Digital Level

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Leica DNA03 0.3mm Precision Digital Level

The second generation of digital levels by Leica, the inventors of the first digital level, with modern and ergonomic design, large LC-display, cutting edge electronic technology, excellent optical and mechanical systems.

The DNA 03 achieves height measurements with 0.3 mm standard deviation per km double-run levelling using an invar staff

The generous LC-display presents all important measured data at a glance and shows the next step to take.

Double your data safety: from now on, save your work automatically in the internal memory and additionally, after the measurements have been taken, on a PCMCIA card.

The alphanumeric keyboard and the operating concept provide the highest levels of efficiency at work, optimum comfort and rapid familiarization.

Save up to 50% in time with Leica digital levels.

Measuring without mistakes or fatigue.

The Leica Geo Office Tools is a program included in the delivery. It controls data exchange, the configuration of the instrument, creates code lists and stake out height lists and maintains the system software.

this sale includes:
2x GEB111, plug in Camcorder battery, small
1x GKL112, Charger for GEB121 & GEB111 batteries
1x MCF32, CompactFlash card 32MB
1x MCFAD1, CompactFlash PC Card adapter
1x GEV189, cable TPS/DNA - USB
1x GSB5 Sunshade for digital levels
1x GST20, Wooden tripod, telescopic
1x GPCL2 invar code lev.staff, 2m
2 years manufacture warranty