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FARO Laser Tracker ION

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2011 FARO Laser Tracker ION

Very light used, still like new condition, everything still in excellent perfect condition.

Purchased as new equipment directly by first owner from FARO in 2012. Well taken care off and used exclusively in the air-conditioned office during proprietary software development

Has recent inspected and calibrated by Faro authorized

Tansferable/renewable Standard FARO Warranty Plan

Sale Includes complete:

  • Faro ION Tracker Head and Control Module including cables
  • Faro ION Shipping Boxes
  • Faro Tripod and ION adapter
  • Faro Target Tooling Kit
  • 1.5 inch FARO SMR - GCR-Black Standard with kit
  • RF Remote

Software included:
FARO ION drivers

Warranty has expired but this instrument will be delivered to customer with a fresh service by FARO, software update, calibration certificate, and a 1-year Customer Care Package from FARO.


Extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine that enables you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring more quickly, simply and precisely than previously possible. Replacing conventional tools such as tape measures, piano wire, plumb bobs, and even theodolites – the ION is a more accurate and reliable portable 3D measurement tool that allows you to streamline your processes and gain confidence in your measurement results.

- 0.049mm volumetric accuracy at 10m
- 110m* diameter range
- Agile ADM instant beam acquisition
- As light as 17.7kg
- High performance, real-time dynamic measurements

Laser Tracker Specifications
Laser Tracker ION introduction Video