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Leica C10 3D Laser Scanning

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2014 Leica C10 3D Laser Scanning - All in One Laser Scanner for Any Construction Application
demo used and still in excellent shape, this Leica C10 3D Laser Scanning System including Leica Cyclone software license for Scan-Laptop, ready to work FULL!!
Firmware version 2.75
CCP GOLD Valid till September-18-2016 (12 Months cost $18k, 6 months valued at 9k-Included).

Leica C10 3D laser scanning includes complete set:
6003155 Leica ScanStation C10 Laser scanning package:
1 x HDSC10, Leica ScanStation C10 scanhead
1 x GVP645, ScanStation C10 transport container
1 x GDF121, Tribrach, pale green, no plummet
4 x GEB242, Battery int, LI-Ion 14.8V/5.8Ah
1 x GKL212, Basic charger
1 x AC/DC adapter for basic charger
1 x Daisy chain cable for basic charger
1 x Car-Adapter cable for basic charger
1 x GEV228, ScanStation C10 data cable
1 x GHM008, Scanner height meter
1 x GHT196, Distance holder for height meter
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x CD-ROM Cyclone
1 x ScanStation C10 User Manual
1 x Cyclone SCAN license for Scan-Laptop
1 x  GST20-9 Heavy-duty Wooden Tripod