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Leica Nova MS60 R2000 Multi-Station

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New Leica Nova MS60 1" R2000 multi-Station , ATRplus, 3D data capture and Leica Captivate software.


Leica Nova MS60 R2000 Multi-Station Includes:

  • MS60 1" (0.3mgon), MultiStation with reflectorless EDM (R2000) and high-speed 1000Hz EDM
  • Captivate software- Measure & Stakeout
  • Automatic target recognition
  • PowerSearch
  • 5MP imaging, overview camera
  • 30x telescope camera
  • Autofocus
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • RS232/USB interface
  • RadioHandle interface
  • USB stick/SD card interface
  • 2GB eMMC Flash Memory
  • 1GB SDRAM, 2 keyboards with 5" WVGA color touch screen
  • Laser plummet
  • 2-GEB242 batteries
  • GKL341 Pro Charger
  • SD Memory card 8GB
  • GDF321 Tribrach
  • upright container
  • Manual
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


Leica Nova MS60 combines in one device a total station precision 3D scanner, digital images, GNSS and ATRplus connectivity with onboard software Leica Captivate.

3D scanner integrated
The Leica Nova MS60 performs measurement of 3D point clouds. This allows you to collect and display data from the survey together with an analysis of High Accuracy.

Leica Captivate
It is the board software immersive experience. Easy and intuitive to manage large amounts of complex data.

With ATRplus station focuses on the prism reflection ignoring the rest of the place of measurement.


*Utilize on-board data collection, or pair your MS60 with Leica's new CS20 field controller or CS35 tablet (priced separately).

Nova MS-60 Brochure