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FARO Focus S-350 3D laser scanner

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Like new 2017 FARO Focus S-350 3D laser scanner
complete S-350 3D laser scanner, excellent condition and no scratches.. demo used for few hours.
Standard FARO Warranty Plan covers the unit through December 18, 2018.

Focus-S 350 Features:
Range: 0.6 - 350m
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo Recording 2x/3x/5x
Measurement Speed: up to 976,000 points/second
Ranging Error: ± 1mm
Sealed Design - Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Class 54
On-site Compensation
Accessory Bay
Angular Accuracy: 19 arc sec for vertical/horizontal angles
Integrated Colour Camera: Up to 165 mio. pixel
Laser Class: Laser class 1
Weight: 4.2kg
Multi-Sensor: GPS, Compass, Height Sensor, Dual Axis Compensator
Size: 230 x 183 x 103mm
Scanner Control: via Touch Screen Display and WLAN

- Focus S 350: with HDR Photography, GPS, Compass, Altimeter (Barometer), Dual-axis Compensator, WLAN, Accessory Bay, IP Rating 54, On-site Compensation Functionality
- Battery Power Block
- Battery Power Dock
- 90W Power Supply
- Optic Cleaning Fluid
- Optic Cleaning Tissues
- 32GB SD Card
- SD Card Reader
- SD Card Cover
- Allen Wrench
- Rugged Transport Case
- calibration Certificate
- Quick Start Guide
- USB stick with SCENE software 7.0 (brand-new onsite-registration)
- user's manual.

Optional equipment (not included in this sale):
• Tripod
• Spare battery