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NEW FARO ScanPlan 2D Mapping

FARO ScanPlan

Just point and walk to capture a current 2D floor plan of any building. Control the ScanPlan with an easy-to-use smartphone application (Android or iPhone) that shows the floor plan map as it is being captured in real time. The wide-angle field of view makes it easy to map around corners, behind doors, and other hard-to-reach areas. You can even take photographs and map multiple-story buildings, keeping the floors organized as one project. The visual interface makes it easy to confirm that everything you want has been mapped before you leave the building.

Bring the captured building map into FARO Zone 2D software (included) to complete your project. Turn the floor plan into a detailed pre-incident plan or threat assessment diagram by adding photographs of critical details, standard symbols, notes, measurements, and more.

  • Capture 2D floor plans as you walk at a rate of close to 29,000 points/sec
  • Document critical details with photographs or annotation and add to the plan
  • Visualize the plan in real time on a smartphone (Android or iPhone)
  • Map floor plans on multiple floors
  • Portable and Lightweight At only 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) – Hold it with one hand, walk and point to capture
  • Includes FARO Zone 2D – Turn the captured floor plan into a complete diagram with symbols, dimensions, text
  • Also, compatible with FARO Zone 3D and has the ability to generate 3D walls quickly

Sale Includes complete:

  • FARO ScanPlan
  • accessories
  • FARO Zone 2D software
  • Hard case
  • a 1-year warranty



SCANPLAN Specifications
SCANPLAN Introduction Video