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AGL EZ Dig Pro 4 Sensor Excavator Grade Control System



Real Time Wireless Machine Display System for Excavators and Backhoes with Control Box, Remote Display, Boom & Bucket Angle Sensors, Dipper Stick Mounted Laser Receiver/Angle Sensor & Chassis Sensor for Pitch & Roll.

With the EZ-DIG Pro, there is no need to stop digging to place the bucket and dipper stick in the same position each time you need to get an accurate grade reading. The system provides for real time grade and depth control information from any position of the boom, dipperstick and bucket. The system utilizes three solar powered, magnetically installed sensors to provide angle information about the boom, dipperstick and bucket positions and transmits that information to the wireless control box and remote display in the machine cab. The remote display is designed to be placed directly in front of the operator and with its translucent construction, blind spots are eliminated. The control box allows the user to set all grade and depth control parameters quickly and easily at the touch of a button. With the control box and display positioned in the cab and wired to the accessory power port of the machine, the operator can now watch grade/depth information, bucket position and the ditch from one position. While the sensors provide grade and depth control information to the system, a linear laser receiver is built into the dipper stick sensor that allows the operator to reset the reference after the machine's elevation has changed due moving the machine. The EZ-DIG Pro was designed to allow the operator to be the most efficient and allows the operator to increase the digging and grading efficiency by up to 70%. Additionally, installation of the EZ-DIG Pro is quick and easy. Just position sensors on the boom, dipperstick and bucket and then perform an automatic calibration and the machine will be up and operating withing 25-30 minutes. The system allows for the digging of any slope from 0.01% to 999%. Accuracy of the system is +/-1cm or +/-0.4". Other features of the EZ-DIG Pro system include profiling by user definition or self learning, height alarm to warn when maximum heights are reached, maximum depth to alert user that digging should stop at a predetermined depth, and machine reach control.

The system comes complete with 1 control box, 1 remote display, 4 sensors for machine(one with laser sensor), laser pointer, sensor removal tool, 4 mounting plates, power cord and operators manual.

The EZ-Dig Pro is warranted from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months. The EZ-DIG Pro system was also designed so that the operator can install, calibrate and use the system without having to rely on factory representatives or factory training. The owner's manual provides all the steps necessary to install, calibrate and operate the system. Should the operator still wish to have an AGL Factory Representative install and perform training on the system, this option is available by contacting EngineerSupply and arranging for this service.

- Installation and Calibration by user in 25-30 Minutes
- +/- 1 cm Accuracy
- Truly portable design allows for use on up to 5 machines with 9 buckets per machine
- Solar Charged Sensor Batteries
- Sensors communicate with control panel via radio communication eliminating cables and wires on the machines pivot points or joints
- 12-Months Manufacturers Warranty