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Leica TCRP1203+ 3 sec R1000 Robotic Total Station CS15

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2007 Leica TCRP1203+ 3 R1000 Robotic Total Station

Condition: Excellent
Calibration: Included
Firmware: SmartWorx v8.71
Field controller: CS15 3.5G & Radio Field Controller, manufactured in 2013

Applications: survey, Set up, Stakeout, Cogo, Determine Coordinate System, Reference Line, Traverse, User Manuals, pdf tutorial guides.

• Angular accuracy: 3"
• Dual-axis electronic compensation
• Magnification: 30x
• Angle display: 1"
• EDM range: 3,000 m to single prism
• Reflectorless EDM range: 1000 m
• Distance accuracy: 2mm + 2ppm
• Internal Memory: 32MB
• Memory Card: CompactFlash Cards (32 MB and 256 MB)
• Reflectorless Laser Dot Size at 20 m: 7mm
• RS232 port communicates with most data collectors
• Contains multiple languages onboard
• Waterproof, dustproof IP54
• Laser Plummet
• Graphic Leveling Aid
• 12-hr Li-ION Battery
• Dual Display, Large Alphanumeric keypad with perfectly readable, high-contrast LCD display
• Fully robotic PowerSearch finds standard prisms within seconds at any location
• Automatic Target Recognition snaps to the center of the prism when pointing in general vicinity of prism

CS 15 Field controller Features:
LCA781600 CS15 3.5G & Radio Field Controller. Ruggedized WinCE field controller with full VGA touch display, 1GB NAND Flash Memory, 512MB SDRAM, CF/SD card slot and 2MP camera. Includes Bluetooth, internal WLAN module, internal TPS radio module, 3.5G GSM/UMTS module, QWERTY keypad, stylus. Available with either Lemo connector (CBC01) or DSUB connector module (CBC02).

Sale Includes complete:
- 1X Leica TCRP1203+ R1000 3" Robotic Total Station
- 1X Leica SmartWorx firmware v8.0
- 1X Leica GEB171 Li-ION Battery; operating time 24 hours
- 1X Leica GKL221 Pro Charger
- 1X GDF111-1 Basic Tribrach
- 1X RH15 Radio Handle new included (doesn't show in the pic)
- 1X GLS11 Prism Pole
- 1X GRZ4 360 prism
- 1X Leica CS15 3.5G & Radio Field Controller
- 1X GEB212 Li-Ion Battery for CS15 Field Controller
- 1X GHT63 Clamp for GHT62 Holder
- 1X GVP623 Hard-Shelled Carrying Case