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Topcon Hiper II GNSS RTK GPS system with FC-25

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2011 Topcon Hiper II GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) RTK UHF with FC-25 data controller

Excellent Condition and full work

Code Differential Base
Code Differential Rover
RTK Base
RTK Rover 10Hz
Co-Op Tracking
Memory = 2176
Multipath Reduction
Datums Support
Magnetic Azimuth
Geiod Height
RTK Distance = 511 (x100m)
TCP Connections = 5
Serial Ports A-D @ 460Kbps
Integrated UHF+GSM Modem
SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot

Internal GSM/CDMA Modem for Network RTK
Designed as a perfect network RTK rover, the HiPer II gives you the option of an internal GSM or CDMA cellular modem. With its completely integrated design, the HiPer II eliminates the hassles of external modems and cables, all in a lightweight, rugged design.

Voice Messages for Receiver Status
Multi-lingual, clear-tone voice messages notify the users of critical receiver information and status such as satellite signal interruption, radio interference, low battery, low memory and more. This feature improves your efficiency by providing information without having to look at the LED display or controller screen.

Long-Life Li-ion Battery
Topcon's HiPer II comes standard with a modern design long-life Lithium Ion battery that is located safely behind a sealed battery cover.

Data Storage with SD or SDHC Cards
A large volume of static observation data from long term survey projects, long sessions and displacement monitoring can be stored onto the popular SD cards or SDHC cards with 4GB or larger capacity.

TopSURV 8 Field Controller Software
The easy-to-navigate, intuitive user interface of TopSURV software offers all users its full functionality with the shortest learning curve. TopSURV supports all surveying tasks including topo data collection, as-built survey and stakeout.

Topcon Tools Complete GNSS Data Management & Post Processing Software
The powerful Topcon Tools software suite completes the full Topcon field-to-finish GNSS solution. With comprehensive data manipulation, processing, and analysis, Topcon Tools unlocks the full power of the Topcon GNSS systems solution.

Sale includes complete set:
- 2X Topcon Hiper II Dual Base and Rover
- 2X Battery Chargers model CDC 68
- 4X Li-ion rechargeable removable model BDC 58
- 1X Topcon FC 25 Data Collector
- 1X FC 25 Charger
- 1X Topcon 100mm Mini bat
- 1X tribrach with optical plummet
- 1X Adapter for tribrach
- 1X Pole 2.6m
- 1X Topcon Support adapter for collecting
- 1X Topcon Antenna 2m
- 1X Universal Aluminium Tripod
- 1X Communication Serial Cable
- 1X Bat 8m brand AVR (new)
- 1X Software TOPCON TOOLS with DVD and USB key