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Leica FlexLine TS09 plus R500 Reflectorless Total Station

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2013 Leica FlexLine TS09 plus 1 R500 Reflectorless Total Station
Condition: Excellent and still like new, just for demo used only

Recently calibrated by Leica authorized service:
• Hz & Vertical Collimation
• Tilting Axis
• Electronic Leveling Compensator
• Hz line of sight
• Optical and Laser Plummet Adjustment
• EDM Calibration and Range Test
FlexField Onboard Software:
• Orientation and Surveying, Stake Out, Resection, Height Transfer, Construction, Area (Plan and Surface), Volume calculation, Tie Distance (MLM), Remote Height, Hidden Point, Offset, Reference Line.
• Reference Arc, Reference Plane, COGO, Road 2D
• Roadworks 3D, TraversePRO

Angle Measurement (Hz, V)
• Angular accuracy: 1” (0.3 mgon)
• Display resolution 1" (0.1 mgon)
• Method: Absolute, continuous, diametrical
• Display: Graphics, 160 X 280 pixels, illuminated
• Compensation: Quadruple axis compensation (setting On, Off)
• Reflectorless range: 500m to most surfaces;
• EDM range: 3,500m to Round prism GPR1
• Distance accuracy (prism): 1.5mm + 2 ppm, fast: 3mm+ 2ppm
• Distance accuracy (surface): 2 mm + 2 ppm
• Interfaces: USB Type A and mini B, serial & Bluetooth
• Magnification: 30x
• Laser plummet accuracy: 1.5mm at 1.5 m Instrument height
• Power: Lithium-Ion
• Dust & Splash proof [IEC 60529] IP55

Sale Includes complete:
- 1X TS09 Plus 1" R500 Total Station, with (1) Q-VGA Color & Touch keyboard (full alpha-numerical), user manual and container.
- 1X Tribrach GDF111-1 BASIC, without optical plummet, pale green
- 1X GEB221, Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/4.4Ah, chargeable Leica battery
- 1X GKL211, Charger BASIC, for Li-Ion batteries GEB221 and GEB211, car adapter cable and net adapter included.
- 1X FlexOffice Standard Software, basic functionality for FlexLine instruments.(Node-Locked License) FlexOffice Standard DVD