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Leica ATX1230 GG GNSS Smart Antenna

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2009 Leica ATX1230 GG GNSS Smart Antenna
Condition: very good and tested, used only by one owner

Leica System 1200+ RTK GNSS rover, consisting of a SmartAntenna ATX1230+GNSS with data collector RX1250TC (for GPS and TPS) and GSM/GPRS module in perfect condition and ready to survey.

Suitable for measurements with centimeter-accuracy with reference network services. Permanent reception of GLONASS satellites (license). Standard programms + reference line, RoadRunner and DXF export.

this Leica ATX1230+ is ready for Galileo, GPS L5 and Compass (a license must be acquired). Differential correction data can be obtained either through a GSM connection or through the internet (NTRIP). Wireless connection between the SmartAntenna ATX1230+GNSS and the terminal RX1250TC (Bluetooth).

Sale includes complete set:
• GNSS antenna ATX1230+GNSS
• terminal RX1250TC, firmware version 8.50. Standard programms + reference line, RoadRunner + DXF export.
• GSM/GPRS module Siemens MC75 in housing GFU24
• GSM antenna
• holder GHT56
• clamp GHT52
• pole GLS13
• 3 batteries GEB211
• charger GKL211
• CF-memory card
• hard case