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Leica ATX900 GG GNSS RTK Base and Rover

GNSS RTK GPS System|Pre-Owned Survey Equipment|LEICA


2007 Leica ATX900 GG GNSS RTK Base and Rover with RX900C controller
condition: Very good and tested, excellent condition
Firmware Version: 7:53.
Position update: 5 Hz (0.2 s), RTK baselines up to 5km.

Geodetic dual-frequency GNSS System Leica 900 (reference and rover), consisting of two GNSS antennas ATX900GG (GPS + GLONASS) RX900c controller, data radio modems and accessories.  Simple, intuitive set up and use. Bluetooth wireless communication between the terminal and antennas, as well as between the terminal and computer. Data storage on Compact Flash card (integrated in the terminal).

Programs (full unlocked): Setup Reference, Free station, measuring, setting out, batter, volume calculation, RoadRunner (path computation), Determine Coordinate System, COGO, routes editor.

Sale includes complete set:
- GNSS antenna ATX900 GG
- Data radio modem GFU14 / Satelline 3ASm
- Radio antenna
- Tribrach with optical plummet GDF112
- Antenna support GRT146 with 5/8'' screw
- Height hook GZS4
- GHT58, Holder for data radio modem on the tripod
- GEV205, Y-cable, connects antenna ATX900GG with data radio modem and an external battery

- GNSS antenna ATX900 GG
- Terminal RX900c (full color display)
- Data radio modem GFU14 / Satelline 3ASm
- Radio antenna
- GHT56 holder for RX900c and data radio modem
- Terminal GHT52
- GEV173, connecting cable to the terminal antenna ATX900GG RX900c
- GEV161, USB connection cable or antenna terminal RX900c ATX900C to the computer
- Memory card CompactFlash
- 3 batteries GEB211

- Container
- Instructions (CD ROM)
- External battery
- Charger
- GPS range pole
- Tripod