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FLIR S65 Thermal Imaging camera

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FLIR S65 Thermal Imaging camera
Calibrated to 1500°C, still in perfect condition, used Less than 5 hours.

high spec and robust camera with a high feature specification
FLIR S65  Thermal Imaging camera – strong feature set including the ability to take radiometric movies. This camera will provide the user with all the image analysis functions you may need in the field, supplied complete with a very useful remote control handle, serviced and calibrated recently.

320×240 pixel LWIR detector (80mK)
Visual light camera
Calibrated to 1500°C
Electronic manual and Autofocus
2 user defined buttons
Multiple Measurement functions including Spots, Areas, Lines, Circles, delta T
Remote control handle with 4″ LCD Screen
Eyepiece for viewing in bright light
Removable memory card storage
Voice recording
Text Comments
4 batteries

Sale includes complete set:
• Flir S65 IR camera with High temperature filter up to 1500°C
• Remote Keypad with 4”LCD display
• Built in digital Camera
• 2 Batteries + bonus 2 batteries = Total 4 batteries included
• Double charger and power supply/adapter
• LED light
• Laser Pointer
• Shoulder/neck strap
• 256mb CompactFlash Card
• CompactFlash PC Card Adaptor
• ThermaCAM Reporter Manual and CD
• ThermaCAM Researcher Manual and CD
• ThermaCAM QuickView and CD
• ThermaCAM Operator's manual
• Bluetooth Headset
• All required cables
• Flir software packages
• hard carrying case

Infrared camera for scientific applications
The ThermaCAM S65 is a rugged (IP 54) infrared camera designed especially for Research and Development, scientific testing and general-purpose non-contact measurement. Hand-held or mounted on a tripod, operated locally or by remote control, with optional lenses and/or filters, the ThermaCAM S65 can be configured to meet a variety of scientific applications.

LCD Displaly with Remote Control
Detachable LCD-display with user-friendly controls. Includes an innovative, durable joystick and direct-access fingertip buttons.

Extraordinary Image Quality
A state-of-the-art, uncooled microbolometer allows you to see temperature differences as small as 0.08°C in a range from -40°C to +2,000°C. It produces outstanding noisefree crisp high-resolution images (320 x 240 pixels), offering more than 76,000 individual measurement points per image at a refresh rate of 50/60 Hz.

The ThermaCAM S65 incorporates a high resolution TFT color viewfinder.

Thermal and Visual Images
The ThermaCAM S65 takes high-definition thermal images. At the same time, it records visual images with its built-in digital camera. This visual image can be used as a reference against the thermal image. A lamp can be connected to the camera to illuminate dark areas, so that you always produce clear, high-quality visual images to document your findings.

Direct Access Buttons
For increased flexibility, the operator can program four buttons located on the side of the S65. Change color palettes, emmisivity settings or temperature ranges. Activate analysis tools such as spots, areas, isotherms, ... all at the touch of just one button.

Laser Activator
A conveniently placed button activates the Laser LocatIR™ laser pointer.

LCD Data Panel
An LCD screen gives you continuous information about the status of specific camera functions. It provides you with information on battery usage, storage capacity, communication status and more.