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Leica GX1230 GG GNSS RTK GPS system complete

GNSS RTK GPS System|Pre-Owned Survey Equipment|LEICA


used Leica GX1230GG (2) receivers, AX1202GG antennas and all necessary accessories all manufactured in 2008

Manufactured: 2008
Condition: Excellent and perfect working condition, recent calibration history at authorized LEICA dealer
Firmware: Smartworx v8.50

This sale includes complete:
• 2X GX1230GG Geodetic GNSS Dual Frequency RTK Receiver
• 2X AX1202GG Dual Frequency GPS Antenna
• 1X RX1210T GPS1200 Controller with Touch Screen
• 1X MCFAD1 Compact Flash PC Card Adapter
• 1X 1Gb Swissbit compact Flash card
• 1X Leica Geo Office including Autocad Export USB dongle
• 1X GZS4-1 Height Hook
• 1X GRT144 Carrier with Screw to Stub
• 1X GEV163 Controller Cable RX1200 - GX1200 1.8m
• 2X GFU24 GSM/GPRS modem
• 2X GEV141 1.2m antenna cable
• 1X GEV142 1.6m antenna cable
• 4X GEB221 Lith-Ion Battery 4Ah Used With TPS/GPS
• 1X Carbon Fiber pole together with GHT25 Grip (with circular bubble), GHT39 Holding Plate (for RX1200 on Pole), and clamp
• 1X GDF112 Basic Tribrach with Optical Plum. new green
• All cables
• 1X GPS Minipack
• 2X GVP623 Hard Container for System 1200 GPS