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Trimble 3D scanner TX5

3D Laser Scanning Surveying|TRIMBLE


Trimble TX5 laser scanning

Product Type: Spatial Imaging / Scanner
Code: TX5

The laser scanner Trimble TX5 is a revolutionary 3D scanning solution and highly versatile for a wide variety of scanning applications. The compact and lightweight design provides unmatched mobility in the workplace, increasing productivity in the field. The integrated and easy to use intuitive interface lets new users get up to speed quickly.

• Versatile and cost-effective
• Compact and portable
• Color camera photo quality integrated
• Intuitive touchscreen interface perfect for new users


Sale includes complete set with 5 sphere and ready to survey:
- 1X Trimble 3D Scanner TX5 complete kit with Realwork advanced
- 1X Card reader
- 4X Laser safety googles trimble
- 5X Sphere starter kit III 5X140mm spheres (magnetic mounts, stands, 20 washers, and trimble case)
- 1X Tribrach adapter for trimble TX5
- 1X Carbon Tripod, dual clamp
- 2X Power block, dock, charger, bundle.
- Trimble RealWorks software
- Trimble warranty 2 years