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Dutch Hill Tripod Heavy Duty Fiberglass SLT-5000

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Heavy duty fiberglass
81.5 to 148.5 inch height
Clamp locks
Pointed steel feet
Flat squared head
5/8 inches X 11
25 pounds
Maximum work load is 50 pounds
Plumb bob hook
Shoulder strap
5 year limited warranty

The Dutch Hill SLT5000 Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod is a high quality surveying tool that provides extended wide range views.  It has a maximum height of 148.5 inches and collapses down to 81.5 inches.  Easily adjust the height and placement of wide frame legs using its positive clamps to lock it into place.  The legs are made of fiberglass and, therefore, do not shrink or swell from changes in humidity. And, the replaceable pointed steel feet take firm hold of the any.  This extremely durable tool is a composite of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Its 25-inch aluminum square head has standard 5/8 inch x 11 threads, allowing you to effortlessly attach most surveying equipment.  Use this extraordinarily tall device to survey any large area, especially where long or panoramic views provide a distinct advantage.

The Dutch Hill SLT5000 weighs 25 pounds, has a maximum work load of 50 pounds.  It comes complete with a convenient shoulder strap and a 5 year limited warranty.